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What is Roundtable????

Roundtable is a supplemental training opportunity designed to educate, entertain and inform adult Scouters in a variety of roles. As the name would imply, it is designed as a place to come ask questions about anything and everything  in Scouting. It regularly features Program Ideas, Go See It destinations, policy updates, upcoming events, training opportunities as well as a wealth of other useful information that will improve you unit.  Volunteers  talking to other Volunteers about Scouting.

Who Attends????

Roundtable is open to any registered leader or interested adult.  We regularly see Committee Chairs, Cubmasters, Den leaders, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Eagle Candidates, and various assistants.  It is a great chance to meet other folks doing similar stuff, encountering similar problems, and a chance to exchange ideas.

What’s In It For Me????

Roundtable participants frequently state that they come to Roundtable to get ideas.  The format is specifically structured to allow leaders to talk to other leaders in a friendly setting. Come and find out what other folks have done and borrow those ideas for your own boys.

Where and When are My District’s Roundtables????

Select the Districts menu and choose your district. When you select the Month of your District’s meeting, you will see the time and location.

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